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Hacking Aquarius

A new studio that thinks creatively about developing new video games! HACKQUARIUS Games inc. is the creation of Louis Chussereault, nicknamed the captain. He quickly put together a great team in order to finalize the Cosmic Guardians game and this will not be his last.

Innovation, creativity and hard work are the values ​​that are put forward. Hackquarius is based on the sign Aquarius (Aquarius) and Hacking (creation of video games). It is a happy cross between esotericism and technology.

Cosmic Guardians

Coming soon

New Game project

The Cosmic Guardians game takes place in space, very close to Earth. The role of the Cosmic Guardians is to defend the Earth against any possible hostility or threat. They are the space soldiers in the Cosmic Force, a branch of the world military.

In recent years, a scientist discovered ancient technology from Atlantis and wanted to combine it with new technology by creating the Cosmic Guardians uniform to defend against future threats from space. The soldiers are on their first mission in space and they already face an asteroid threat. Several other surprises await the Cosmic Guardians…